Hot Chocolate Machine 10 Litre

This large hot chocolate machine makes a great addition to your hot drink equipment. Using a bain-marie to provide a gentle and even heat source, you can serve tea, coffee, chai, warm milk, mulled wine and more without risk of burning the product. Just add the ingredients and the mixing paddle will do the rest!

At just 26cm wide and 47cm deep, using a hot chocolate machine is a great and easy way to quickly serve high volumes of hot chocolate or any other hot drink.

Perfect for caterers and chocoholics alike, especially with our Pure Continental hot chocolate.

You could also consider adding flavours of Monin syrup


  • To prevent burning the hot chocolate machine uses a bain-marie method of heating and continuously stirs the product to ensure an even temperature and consistency
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Dispensing tap has an easy to use unclogging device
  • Insulated stainless steel boiler for the hot water bath
  • The feet are non-slip
  • Easy to remove product bowl
  • The large drip tray has an indicator to show it requires emptying
  • Quick and easy to empty hot water bath
£374.17 Excl. VAT
£449 Incl. VAT


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