Where’s my coffee?

All of our web shop orders are shipped daily, so they should be with you within 48 hours. We use Parcelforce next working day delivery and orders that exceeded £24.95 will receive free shipping. If you have any questions about your order please feel free to get in touch by emailing info@verdecoffee.com

Where does your coffee come from?

Our coffee comes from all over the world, from anywhere we find coffee that we think tastes good. Great coffee is typically grown in the tropics, at altitudes of at least 1000m above sea level. 

Is your coffee Fairtrade and/or Organic?

We have Fairtrade options for those looking for the Fairtrade label. Organic certification is a tricky subject. Organic is synonymous with better quality produce. However, in the coffee industry, this doesn’t really show the whole picture. Many of the farms we work with are very small, and the expense of Organic certification just isn’t a possibility for them. Most small scale or poorer coffee farms do farm organically anyway out of necessity, they just simply don’t have the funds to certify themselves.

How do you maintain quality?

In order to make sure the coffee is of the upmost quality when it reaches you, we roast fresh each week and dispatch via next working day courier. We use bags with a one-way valve to ensure the coffee can de-gas, but cannot stale.

What is the difference between a coffee capsule and a coffee pod?

This can be confusing as some companies call capsules pods, when the pod is actually something entirely different. Coffee pods are essentially a pad of coffee wrapped in filter paper. With the coffee pod you have water going through the filter on both sides, and this makes the coffee taste different. The capsule is just like brewing a fresh pot of coffee as you can control the elements around the brew chamber.

What support and training do you provide?

We provide barista training when we come to install your espresso machine.  We offer UK-wide support to our customers, and can even be with you next working day if it's urgent.  

What does free on loan mean?

This is where you subscribe to buy our coffee each month, and in return we loan you an espresso machine, grinder and knockout box for free.

Are there any hidden costs for the espresso machine deals?

The only other cost, apart from your monthly subscription, is £195+vat for installation and training.  Read more about installation fees here.

Where do your espresso machines come from?

Our Visacrem espresso machines have been made in Barcelona since 1967.  They're serious pieces of kit and come in all shapes and sizes, with options to suit every business.