Decaf Coffee Pods (150)

These pods are individually foil wrapped to ensure they stay fresh from the first to the last pod.

They can be used on your home espresso pod machine or in a commercial traditional machine and are a standard 44mm ESE size.

The coffee pod (not to be confused with the coffee capsule) is a pad of coffee wrapped in filter paper which can be inserted into the handle of a traditional espresso machine.

These pods are decaffeinated using the Swiss water method so are chemical free.

Using decaf pods in your cafe or restaurant will save the hassle of buying a separate coffee grinder for your decaf coffee.


  • Standard 44mm ESE size
  • Individually wrapped
  • 150 per box
  • Improved portion control
  • Easy to use

Perfect for use with our Ruby and Ruby Pro 1 group espresso machines or any of our traditional espresso machines.



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