What is a contract hire and why should you consider one?

The biggest decision you can make when starting up a coffee shop is what equipment you should get. There are so many options out there and what if you choose the wrong one?

Well here at Verde Coffee we have a range of different options available to suit all budgets and business types. Our free on loan offer is perfect for those starting out, who are unsure how much coffee they will sell or what their USP is going to be. But what happens when you do know but not sure you want to commit to a purchase?

Well, that is where our Contract hire will come in. You choose the machine YOU want, create a bespoke package YOUR business requires and stick to the budget YOU want. All of our machines are available on a contract hire over 3 years, you pay one monthly fee for the package which suits you and all the servicing and maintenance is covered during those 3 years too.

After the 3 years is up you can either switch it for a new machine or decide to purchase one. It is entirely up to you!

The contract hire is designed to bridge the gap between purchasing a machine and renting one. Even though the machine will still be a rental, it is a brand new machine of your own choosing. Find one that suits your needs and your brand while still enjoying the perks of having a rental machine.

If this sounds like something that would be good for you and your business please get in touch with the machine and grinder of your choice and a representative will be happy to provide an estimated monthly quote for you. Our current lead time on installations is two weeks.

Please email us at info@verdecoffee.co.uk or via our contact form on our website requesting more information.

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