Upgrade Your WFH Life

The pandemic has meant many of us have become accustomed to the new normal of home working, with many companies now opting to continue with remote working even after the pandemic is over.  So, if you’ve been making do with a sub-standard working from home set-up, perhaps now is the time to upgrade it.

And what better place to start than with your hot drink options? For many, a good cup of coffee is an essential part of the working day, so here’s some ideas to upgrade your working from home coffee break.

Ground coffee

We now sell our barista-standard coffee in lovely, smaller 227g bags, perfect for home use. They’ve available as whole bean or onmi-ground, which is a grind between cafetiere and filter, so it’s suitable for both!


Ground Coffee

Syrup set

Missing your lunchtime hazelnut latte? This nifty set has it covered.  It includes a selection of the most popular coffee syrup flavours, so you can experiment and come up with your own recipes! 



A cafetiere or French press is the ideal solution for the coffee lover with limited space and budget, simply put in a spoon of ground coffee, add hot water, wait a little, plunge and – viola! Perfect coffee in an instant – check out our range here:



Filter machine

A level up from the cafetiere is the filter machine, it’s also very useful for houses with more than one coffee drinker as it will keep the coffee hot for 20 mins, so everyone can grab a cup.  You’ll need some filter papers to go with this, but apart from that they’re very simple to use, just add coffee and water and it will make the coffee whilst you get on with other things. 



Filter Machine

Bean to cup coffee machine

If you really take your coffee seriously you need the Allegro automatic bean to cup coffee machine.  You'll be able to produce barista-quality coffee, straight from the bean, in the comfort of your own home, simply press a button for a delicious americano, cappuccino or latte.




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