The benefits of Reusable coffee cups

There have been constant reports of how single-use cups are damaging the environment when disposed of correctly. Many manufacturers and businesses are now opting to use recyclable paper and plastic cups to help aid in the clean-up. However, a new type of cup has been on the market for many years now but are gaining more traction as the years go on.

The reusable cup offers many benefits not only to the user but to the environment as well. Sustainability is a key feature for many consumers in their daily shouldn’t it be for their daily cuppa too?

There are a lot of reusable cups out there now, each brand offering something different, unique and sustainable but are they worth the price tag attached?

After reading an article in The Independent Best reusable coffee cup 2022: Leak-proof, collapsable and thermal | The Independent I was intrigued to find out what the benefits of using a reusable cup really are.

KeepCup - KeepCup | Reusable Coffee Cups

First off I looked at the original reusable cup (and our partners) KeepCup. They have been deemed the best customisable cup by this article but were also named GQ’s #1 reusable for a more sustainable 2021 but what are they made of and what benefits do they provide?

KeepCup have a wide range of products now including glass with a cork band, but the original is made from Plastic. This plastic is Polypropylene and widely used within reusable food safe containers. There packaging is made from card and soy-based inks.

To minimise the amount of discarded reusable cups there are KeepCup actually sell spare parts for each range in their brand. This means you can replace the broken part and not the entire cup.

We currently stock a range of KeepCups ourselves with 2 sizes and 2 colour options available from £14.40 each. Why not stock up and showcase your favourite coffee brand!

Circular & Co - Circular&Co | Circular Design in the Circular Economy (

The first 100% leakproof reusable coffee cup made from single-use paper cups. Designed for 10 years use these cups come in 8oz or 12oz sizes and a choice of colours. With a 360° drinking area for easy use.

They offer repairs on all cups to help keep the longevity of the product but once the product has reached it’s end of life they provide a takeback scheme. This means the product will be recycled into a new product or products. In doing this they will provide the customer a 30% discount (certain items may get a free component swap).

Ember Smart Travel Mug² - Ember Travel Mug² - Heated Travel Mug - Ember®

Available in a 12oz size the Ember travel mug not only keeps your coffee hot it keeps it at a temperature that is perfect for you, for up to 3 HOURS! The 360° leakproof lid is dishwasher safe and engineered for easy cleaning.

With a touch screen display to increase and decrease your temperature and a built-in battery designed to last 3 hours or all day is used with a charging coaster. The Ember travel mug also has an Auto Sleep function which tells it when to turn on and off.

Ember have an app which you can use to select or change the temperature and provides notifications when your desired temperature is reached. You can also pre-set your favourite drinks to the perfect temperature and personalise your mug.

Available in 1 size and 1 colour the Ember Travel Mug has a hefty price tag at £179.95 but it can keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for quite some time…. And it has an APP!

I only selected three different brands but check out the article by The Independent as they have so many more and they have scored them out of 10. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to order your Verde branded KeepCups on our website today.

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