Join the fight against food waste with Verde Coffee and Too Good To Go!

Do you get disheartened when you need to throw away perfectly good food which you have spent hours preparing? Or do you feel you are wasting good money on items which don’t sell out?

Too Good To Go is an App which helps businesses to recuperate any loses and reduce food waste around the country. Customers are able to download the App and redeem magic bags from some of their favourite food outlets. These magic bags contain surprise food or drink items and all for around a third of the RRP.

So how did they get started?

More than 1/3 of food is wasted globally and Too Good To Go has an ambitious goal to empower everyone to fight against food waste. They are a social impact company which are the driving force behind the biggest movement against food waste around the globe. Connecting businesses with local customers via an app and turning surplus food into meals. It started when several entrepreneurs around Europe come together in 2016 to create Too Good To Go.

So how does it work?

From a customer point of view all you need to do is download the app, put in your location and a list of all the businesses in your area selling magic bags appear. Simply select the one you want and go there during the allocated collection time. It really is that simple.

In these magic bags is a selection of the goods left over at the end of the day, either short-dated or not available for use the next day (ie fresh food produce). What you get is a surprise but sometimes you get a lot more than you expect.

From a business perspective you get allocated a sales representative who runs through everything with you. They help set up your store and connect you to an online account, from here you can add how many magic bags you have for the day and watch as the sales come in. They update you via email with new orders and cancellations while also giving you invoices from each sale (should you need them).

The whole process is really simple, not only are you providing food too good to waste to local customers but also helping to save the planet from harmful food waste.

With over 14 million magic bags saved so far Too Good To Go is making a positive change to the world’s food waste problem, and they haven’t finished yet. With websites and apps located in the majority of countries all over the world the way of magic bags is going to become a daily thing.


If you want to get involved and make the most of the days unsold goods just click on our referral link and someone will be in touch to help get you started.

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