A handy guide to buying a machine

Have you ever considered purchasing a coffee machine instead of renting one? Did the idea of making the wrong choice stop you from pursuing it any further?

Well, here at Verde we have created a little guide to help answer those niggling questions and ease those big purchase jitters.

People can get very nervous spending a large sum of money on a piece of equipment that they are unsure of, especially when it is an integral part of a business. Our sales team will talk through the needs and demands of your business before making any recommendations and would never suggest anything unsuitable.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

I can’t afford to pay out a lump sum, what can I do?

If you would like to buy there are a few purchase options available. If you are unable to pay outright for a machine, we offer a 3 or a 5-year lease purchase. This goes through our finance partner and is payable monthly. Being able to choose between 3 or 5 years helps you to manage your monthly outgoings and choose a repayment option which suits you and your business.

Our sales team have handy finance calculators so if you are unsure of the cost, please give them a call and they can double check for you. They can also create a bespoke package.

I don’t know what machine I would need; how can I be sure I choose the right one?

Our sales team will ask you multiple questions regarding your business and the amount of covers you have on average. If you have not opened yet they will ask how many people you can cater for. Whether coffee will be your main drink (coffee shop) or just needed to add to a cocktail (Bar) we have a machine suitable. Our sales team will find out what they need to help you within the initial conversation and will make recommendations based off the business structure. They will send you these recommendations via email for you to look through at your leisure. Any additional questions you have our sales team are only a call or email away.

I currently rent and have a great maintenance cover; will I have this with a purchased machine?

All purchases have the standard manufacturer’s warranty included, this is usually 3 years and 1 year for grinders. However, this is subject to the manufacturer. Any annual services are payable, as are any call outs after the warranty expires. We would be happy to provide these engineer services, callouts start from £120 and include 30 minutes of labour. If you would like a further breakdown on costs, please get in touch with our customer service team.

What are the benefits of owning the machine?

The benefit of owning a machine is you get the machine which matches the needs of business, you can get it to match your décor and theme of your interior and you get a brand new one straight out of the box. We are also currently offering free delivery and installation, a free barista kit and a free case of coffee beans (three blends to choose from). If you require anything, please speak to our sales team as they can create a bespoke package just for you. They can also include marketing materials to help you advertise your coffee, just give them a call to discuss your requirements.

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