How to make a Lotus Biscoff Iced Latte

Last year the Dalgona coffee was the iced coffee drink that took TikTok by storm.  The Dalgona coffee is prepared by taking equal parts of instant coffee, sugar and hot water whipped in a creamy, caramel paste, that is added on top of a glass of milk. The result? It looks like a tall drink in two colours. Now, in 2021, we’ve got the Lotus Biscoff Iced Latte.

For those of you who haven’t come across Biscoff, it’s a caramel speculoos cookie that has also been made into a spread that’s often used as an alternative to peanut butter and other nut butters. Now it turns out that it can be used to upgrade your morning caffeine kick.

Lotus Biscoff

TikTok user @7amcoffeeclub enraptured over 750,000 viewers with the Iced Biscoff Latte on June 1. The user made the drink by pouring hot espresso over a small scoop of Biscoff spread and mixing the concoction together. The user then transferred the mixture into a glass of iced cold milk with a hint of vanilla syrup and stirred.

Here’s what you need:

  • Biscoff Lotus spread
  • Hot coffee
  • Ice
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Milk or an alternative milk


  1. Mix a scoop of Biscoff with the hot coffee
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla simple syrup to a glass of ice
  3. Pour milk over ice
  4. Pour the hot coffee and Biscoff mixture over ice
  5. Stir it all together

Alternatively, for those in the coffee industry, you could add a dash of Speculoos syrup to your iced lattes for the same result!

And why not serve it with a Lotus biscoff biscuit on the side? 



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