Coffee Shop Marketing: The Importance of Understanding Your Customers

Customers: they are the driving force behind your business. But how well do you know them? Do you understand why they walk through your door? And, perhaps more importantly, do you know how to reach them after they’ve walked out again?

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Know your customers

When you know your customers well, you have a powerful asset that will allow you to increase your sales.

Our tone of voice, vocabulary, and choice of conversational topics change constantly, depending on who we’re talking with. To successfully communicate with your customers, you need to understand them and know how to talk to them. You need to know their motivations, thoughts, and feelings.

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Build the relationship

As a coffee shop owner or manager, you should aim to create the building blocks of a successful relationship with your customers; trust, shared experiences and conversations. Ask them questions, provide an enjoyable experience, offer them loyalty cards or discounts, and deliver quality every time.

And don’t forget about the last item on the list: conversations. You should start talking to your customers and find out what drives them into your shop. What do they enjoy about coffee? What’s their favourite brewing method, and at what time of the day do they drink the most coffee?

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Create buyer personas

Your eventual goal should be to create buyer personas: fictional representations of segments of your market. However, even though they’re fictional, these personas are based on data and facts, such as interviews, surveys, website analytics etc.

A buyer persona gives you great insight into what motivates your customer to buy a coffee, how they find you, and why they decide to visit your café. Thanks to this information, you’ll be able to improve your communication and marketing efforts, seeing much better returns. You’ll have a better understanding of how to engage your customers and reach them, both on and offline.

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