How to increase coffee sales in a restaurant

As restaurants and bars begin to reopen in the UK, we give our top tips for maximising coffee sales in a restaurant

What can operators do to increase orders of hot drinks after a meal?

As customers become more discerning in their coffee tastes they require more choice. In the same way that they would expect a wine list, more and more customers now expect a coffee menu to supplement their experience at the end of their meal. Make sure your staff are trained on the different types of coffees available so they are able to recommend coffees to match desserts, recently we have noticed a strong demand for expertise relating to food and drink pairing in the industry, so why not pair hot drinks to food?

Are there opportunities to promote hot drinks before or during a meal?

If you want to create the same level of interest in your hot beverage offering you need to start thinking as the independent coffee shops and tea rooms do. Establishments which demonstrate to the customer that they take hot drinks seriously are more likely to get hot drinks orders, so have a good machine on show and staff who are trained to use it properly. Engage and educate staff – knowing how to use the equipment used to make your hot beverages, whether it be a bean to cup machine, traditional espresso machine or cafetiere is essential. Likewise, investing in a good quality machine is just as important for consistency and flavour, whilst signalling to your customer that you take their coffee enjoyment seriously.

How can operators make their hot drink offering more interesting, rather than just standard tea and coffee?

To kick-start interest in hot beverages we recommend treating them with the same care and attention that you would with the food or wine you serve, after all, a cup of tea or coffee will often be your last chance to impress the customer before they walk out the door. Even if you don't have a trained Barista on site, there are now bean to cup machines, such as the Touch, which can be programmed to make up to 24 different hot drinks of a professional standard.

What’s the best coffee blend to serve in a restaurant?

Consumer understanding of coffee terminology is growing, with terms such as single origin, direct trade and balanced blend becoming main stream. We find our Belaroma blend is most popular with our customers; it's a blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans, making it mellow enough to appeal to a wide range of tastes and yet fruity and flavoursome enough to appeal to the discerning coffee consumer. 

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