Coffee Capsules in the Foodservice Industry

The coffee capsule has been a game-changer for the foodservice industry. They allow anyone, expert or not, to prepare a good coffee in a simple, clean, effective way and with respect for the environment. 

Whereas coffee capsules are a luxury item for the at-home market, for the foodservice industry they represent an opportunity to increase sales by offering a wider range of coffee blends.  Consumers are becoming ever more accustomed to quality coffee and this means being able to offer a blend to cut through milk in cappuccinos and lattes as well as a blend that produces a robust espresso or americano.  Coffee capsules allow those selling coffee to offer a wider choice of coffee blends, as well as decaffeinated options, more easily.

Since coffee capsules have come under a lot of bad press for their negative impact on the environment, the latest development in coffee capsule design has been to make them biodegradable, and Verde Coffee are proud to be one of the first companies to offer this new design of capsules.  Our biodegradable capsules can be disposed of along with other organic waste and processed industrially to become compost, therefore reducing their impact on landfill and creating an ethical solution for operators, who in the past have avoided plastic capsules due to their environmental impact.

In the past the coffee pod (essentially a pad of coffee wrapped in filter paper) has been the more environmentally ethical choice but the capsule does have some advantages over it.  With the coffee pod you have water going through the filter on both sides, and this makes the coffee taste different.  The capsule is just like brewing a fresh pot of coffee as you can control the elements around the brew chamber. 

We've put extensive research into ensuring our coffee capsules create the same great tasting coffee as our fresh espresso beans.  The performance-based grind for coffee capsules is highly technical. Similar to the parameters that baristas use on an espresso machine, the uniformity and particle size of the grind must be highly accurate to produce a quality cup.  In order to ensure our coffee is kept fresh the coffee capsules are also flushed with CO2, to remove any oxygen that would cause the coffee to go stale. 

Our capsules are compatible with traditional espresso machines, all the user has to do is insert the capsule converter basket into the espresso machine handle (as shown in the video below), insert a capsule and then use the handle in the usual way. 



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