Brand new espresso machine for UK coffee market

Combining function and style, without the hefty price tag, has long been the holy grail for commercial espresso machine manufacturers.  There are many commercial espresso machines on the market that look the part, but either can’t handle the intense use required of a busy café or cost more than fitting out your entire establishment. 

It’s important to choose a commercial espresso machine that can handle commercial use and do the job efficiently. Considering the amount of time you will spend using your commercial espresso machine, it’s important to choose one which is effective.

ottima 2.0 white

We believe that with the new Ottima 2.0, Quality Espresso in Barcelona have hit the mark.  This espresso machine is contemporary, functional and has a reasonable price tag.

The Ottima 2.0 commercial espresso machine can cope with non-stop coffee production, using boiler heat-exchangers to minimise any thermal effect on the coffee machine.

Ottima 2.0 White


  • LED illuminated drip tray area
  • Automatic electronic dosage of coffee portions
  • Inbuilt rotary pump giving a constant 8 bar of water pressure (easily adjustable)
  • Two rotatable steam wands (one for 1 group)
  • Hot water dispenser - recently redesigned to reduce spray from boiling water
  • Adjustable LED light pattern/function
  • Angled group handles for better grip and reduced risk of RSI

The Ottima 2.0 commercial coffee machine is available with either 1 or 2 groups and a has clearance for up to a 18cm tall cup under the group head.

We have received our first shipment of the Ottima 2.0 commercial coffee machine, so to find out more get in touch!

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