Benefits of having a coffee machine at the office

When the lockdowns end and we head back to the office, how will office managers make sure their staff are happy and continue to enjoy the comforts they did at home? 

A good coffee machine that produces a smooth, flavourful cup of coffee is as essential as Wi-fi. Here’s the benefits of having a coffee machine at the office.

It's a time saver

No longer will your employees have to stop at a busy coffee shop on the way to work each morning, nor will they take long breaks to nip out and visit their favourite cafe throughout the day. Some coffee machines have the ability to save multiple coffee orders, so each employee will be able to select their favourite drink at the push of a button.  There are also the traditional filter coffee machines which brew an entire pot at once, perfect for if you have lots of people to cater for.

It will boost productivity

There are many benefits to a simple cup of coffee: a five-minute break from the computer is actually fairly essential to keeping people working at their best. Coffee machines offer a great excuse for getting up from a desk for a quick errand every few hours, allowing employees to stretch their legs and get the blood flowing.

A cup of coffee is also a great pick-me-up. Studies have shown that a cup of coffee can have a huge effect on mood, and can feel like a treat to break up the day.

It will improve health

Not only will having one of the best coffee machines in your office boost your workers' moods, the antioxidants in coffee are known to be important to overall health. This means that drinking coffee can be physically beneficial, as well as psychologically.

It will improve teamwork

One of the benefits of having coffee machines in offices is that employees will often take it in turns to do a run for everyone. Even in open plan offices, one person may fetch drinks for all his or her desk mates. This will automatically lead to a good feeling among the team.

Installing coffee machines is also a way to let your team have that all-important ‘water cooler chat'. Stopping to have a quick conversation in the kitchen is good for your employee's view of the office, but there are other good things that can come of this: many excellent collaborations have started from a chance meeting, two people who may not come into contact throughout the rest of the workday. What begins as a little small talk may blossom into a method of improving overall profits for your company. Coffee machines facilitate that.

It creates a pleasant environment

Having delicious coffee available for your staff and clients is absolutely vital, and shows that you value the importance of treating people with respect and appreciation.

Investing in office infrastructure and accessories, such as coffee machines, fast computers, ergonomic chairs and standing desks for those who prefer this method of working, is a great way to improve the perception of your workplace among employees and clients alike. Selecting the best option from the range of coffee machines available is sure to improve the overall feel of your office. Knowing that their boss has installed a high-quality machine in their office may make your employees feel happier about coming to work -- they will feel valued, and so will do their best possible work.

Investing in coffee machines in the office is a fantastic way to improve employees' productivity, output, teamwork, health, mental wellbeing, and their perception of their workplace and their employers. With all these benefits, can you really afford not to have a look at the best coffee machines on the market, and invest in the future happiness of your workforce?

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