Luxo Automatic Silent Coffee Grinder

This automatic grinder's main feature is that it is nearly silent, at just 55db. It also features a new expulsion system, meaning that no stale coffee is left in the grinding cavity.


    • Hopper made of unbreakable and non-deformable material
    • Dishwasher proof up to 90 degrees
    • Micrometric regulation of the coffee grind using a regulatory pawl
    • New expulsion system for the ground coffee (always leaving the grinding cavity clean when the coffee grinder stops)
    • Aluminium bodywork made in two parts, specially designed for ventilation, with floating attachment of the inner motor body
    • Single-bodied, hermetically sealed doser without aroma loss, vibrationless and made of unbreakable material
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Universal coffee tamper (rotatable)
    • Doser fitted with gasket-saver (portafilter positioner)
    • Motor assembly with an anti-vibration system using a pneumatic ring
    • Silencer 400 W motor with internal autoventilation, 55dB
    • Hardened steel grinding blades (62/65HRc) 60mm in diameter


    • Voltage: 230V / 220V / 110V
    • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
    • Phases: 1(monophase) RPM: 1.300 / 1.600
    • Current: 1,5A / 3,5A
    • Capacitor: 8nf / 40nf
    • Power: 0,25Hp / 400 W
    • Maximum operating time: 30 min
    • Tempered steel millstone (62HRc) 60mm diameter
    • Lifespan of millstones: 500kg
    • Hopper capacity: 1kg
    • Hopper option: 2kg
    • Doser capacity: 600g
    • Dimensions width x length x height: 285 x 405 x 625cm
    • Weight: 15.5 kg
£441.67 Excl. VAT
£530 Incl. VAT


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