Hawaii Shop Coffee Grinder

The Hawaii grinder is designed for high volume grinding - we use one in our own warehouse.

The grind can be easily adjusted from Turkish [very fine] to coarse.

The coffee is kept cool by twin fans.

The coffee burrs are made of hardened steel - capable of grinding many tons of coffee before needing to be reground.

The ground coffee is settled in the bag by a front vibrating plate.

Good looks combined with the legendary quality of Cunill grinders makes this the best Shop /Deli grinder on the market.

The Hawaii coffee grinder can power through one kilogram of coffee beans to filter coffee in under two minutes.


  • Voltage: 230V / 220V / 110V
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Phases: 1(monophase)
  • Rpm: 1.300 / 1.600
  • Current: 5,75A / 12,3A
  • Capacitor: 108nf / 32nf
  • Power: 0,75Hp / 980W
  • 210 x 250 x 605 mm
  • Weight: 25Kg
£908.33 Excl. VAT
£1,090 Incl. VAT

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