Summer Drink Menu Must-haves

During this glorious weather we are all turning to cooler, more refreshing drinks… however we all still need our caffeine fix!

Key flavours this season, and all over the summer drinks menus, are lotus biscoff, salted caramel, mango and chocolate. To help you find some new customer favourites and explore new flavours we have compiled a list of our favourite must-haves this summer keeping you competitive with the high street and offering something unique to get those customers coming back for more.

Why not offer some of these as a limited-edition item? Or use them as a starting block to create your own special creations?

Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback on these recipes;


Watermelon Lemonade


Watermelon Syrup

250ml Lemon Juice

100g Golden Caster Sugar

1Ltr bottle Soda Water

1 Lime, cut into slices

Small handful of mint

Crushed Ice



Add the ice, lemon juice, 2 pumps of watermelon syrup and Sugar into a blender and mix together, then stir in the soda.

Add some ice to the glass and pour over the lemonade mixture.

Serve with the sliced lime and mint

*To use fresh watermelon – Remove the watermelon and add to blender with lemon juice, sugar and ice – blend until a puree, stir in the soda, add ice to the hollowed-out watermelon and pour over the lemonade mixture.


Iced Choconut Mocha


Cold milk/Ice

Double Espresso

1 Scoop Hot Chocolate

2 pumps Hazelnut syrup



Combine espresso, hot chocolate and syrup in a glass and mix to a smooth paste.

Top up with cold milk, stirring as you pour.

Add ice to fill


Iced Tea


Iced tea syrup

Still/sparkling water




Add 4 pumps syrup to glass

Top with still or sparkling water to ¾ full

Stir and add ice

*For different flavours try Sweetbirds flavoured iced tea syrups; Original Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea, Cucumber & Mint Iced Green Tea, Raspberry Iced tea and Jasmine & lime Iced tea. All available on our website.

Why not try some of these recipes on your summer menu and let us know how you got on! 

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