Should you buy a reconditioned coffee machine?

Have you ever considered buying a refurbished machine?

With many people looking to cut down their monthly costs and not wanting to sign up to lengthy contracts it might be a struggle finding the right machine for your business.

Did you know our in-house team of engineers’ service and refurbish all of our machines in our own workshop?

Our machines are descaled, deep cleaned and fully serviced before being put on resale. We also offer refurbished grinders.

Why choose a refurbished machine?

Our refurbished machines have been serviced and prepared by our in-house engineering team, ensuring everything is in perfect working order just as we would for any machine leaving our warehouse.

Each machine comes with a 6-month warranty, (the standard for any new machine is 1 year (depending on manufacturer)) which allows for any teething problems which may arise.

All of our refurbished machines use the 1 boiler and all 1 and 2 group machines use a 13 amp plug, this makes our machines very cost effective and energy efficient.



How do I get the machine?

We have a few different options available should they be required. Our usual set-up is available for £290, this includes delivery, installation and training (if required). The machine would be delivered by a member of our engineering team. If you already rent or own one of our machines or don’t require the full set-up this can be discussed at time of purchase.

For those who are happy to install themselves:

We can send the machine out via pallet delivery, shipping costs are calculated based off weight and courier costs at the time.

Should you be local to our warehouse or it is more cost effective we would be more than happy for you to collect direct from us.

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