How can add on sales bring back customers?

Coffee shops are a very competitive market these days, with more and more appearing on our high streets. So how do you ensure your business is standing up against the crowd?

Offering the customers something different can certainly help do that.

By placing saleable items by your point of sale you can draw your customers attention to additional items, things they can take home with them and use. Highlighting your coffee to your customers allows them to identify that coffee brand or blend to your shop, they will know you are the only supplier of that coffee and come back time and time again.

We have a few items which can be used as perfect add-on sales and some point-of-sale marketing materials available.



Did you know we sell smaller versions of your coffee bean bags? At only 227g’s these bags are the perfect little add-on sale. Available in a whole bean or ground ready for a filter or cafetiere, these bags come in our three signature blends as well as decaf. Currently 15% off each bag these are an absolute bargain. Now I know what you’re thinking “Why would I sell coffee to my customers to have at home, I want them to come back?” well… that’s a fair question, but why wouldn’t they?

By giving your customers an opportunity to have your coffee in their homes you are reminding them of your shop, your customer service, and the way you make the perfect latte. Not everyone can replicate a coffee drink made by a barista…

Reusable cups

Reusable cups are big business and have been for a number of years now. With the war against single use plastic and disposable cups consumers have opted for using reusable cups. Many perks come with using these cups, with discounts if you purchase the companies own branded ones or a free hot drink with each purchase. Incentives help customers with their purchasing decisions, offer a discount when a reusable cup is used, give them a free drink when a purchase is made or use a loyalty card/app to add stamps.

We have just partnered up with KeepCup to bring you a barista standard reusable cup for you to sell to your customers…. or for your own personal use!

Available online or via our customer service team.

Why not try and add some of these to your point of sale? Get in touch to get some free branded marketing materials and let us know if you have any suggestion on other things we can provide!


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