Best types of Commercial Coffee Machine for Cafes

People really do appreciate good quality coffee. Whether you own a bustling coffee shop that is considered a remote worker’s paradise or manage a small café serving brunch throughout the week, finding the right commercial coffee machine for your premises is vital in the longevity of your business. As a café business owner, you will be aware that investing in high-quality coffee machines that produces flavourful coffee, is crucial when considering revenue. Although, finding the most appropriate commercial coffee machine for your café can often be challenging due to the influx of options on the market, each with varying styles, performances, capabilities and more.

Therefore, we have put together our most appropriate coffee machines for Cafés.

Primo Touch Compact

Starting with the Primo Touch Compact, this coffee machine is renowned for its ability to combine great quality coffee with customisable drinks. With touch screen capability, the Primo Touch Compact is ideal for café owners that are looking to implement a viable self-serve option for customers.  

Featuring a premium design, this quality coffee machine is the perfect fit for a variety of cafés, regardless of the interior of the space. This versatile exterior means this machine can fit in a variety of café spaces, due to its compact height at just 60cm tall. 

Key Features

  • Makes delicious Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Mocha, Chocolate, Creamichoc and more 
  • Easy to operate through the intuitive user interface 
  • Screensaver for logo, images, video or advertisement 
  • Bright LED lighting can be adjusted to your own preference 
  • Beans are visible for authentic espresso feel 

VISACREM Vetro Tall 2 group

The VISACREM Vetro Tall 2 Group coffee machine is renowned for its ability to combine the benefits of a professional commercial coffee machine with sleek engineering and modern design. Balancing clean angular styling with high-performance machining makes this coffee machine one of our favourite traditional machines. The Vetro’s control panel is crafted from SCHOTT tempered glass, housed in stainless steel and painted side panels. 

Featuring backlit buttons and touch-sensitive keypads, the Vetro coffee machine facilitates ease of use and cleaning for baristas. Many of the components of this machine are engineered with modern materials, allowing it to maintain an heir of sophistication akin to traditional coffee machines, making it an ideal choice for cafes.

Key Features

  • x2 Steam wands 
  • x1 hot water dispenser 
  • x2 group heads (4 espresso's at once) 
  • 5L Water boiler 
  • Clearance for 14.5cm / 5.7in high cups 
  • 2.7 kw heating element (13 amp plug) 

Verso Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine

The Verso Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is the ideal choice for café owners who are looking to implement both flexibility and high-quality coffee in their space. The self-serve coffee machine provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase high-quality coffee in a convenient manner.  

Key Features

  • 6 litre water tank 
  • Optional mains water supply 
  • Ability to produce one or two drinks at a time 
  • Connection to contactless payment module 
  • 7" Colour touch screen display 
  • Folding shelf for smaller cups 
  • Adjustable height coffee dispenser 
  • 2.7 kw heater 
  • 1kg bean hopper 

Choosing a Coffee Machine for your Café

In any café, a new coffee machine needs to have the look and feel of quality whilst producing high-quality coffee every time. What is important to consider is the demand of your business. More specifically, how many cups of coffee you will be producing per day and whether a machine can keep up with the demandSince there are several different styles of machines on the market, you will need to consider the below, which will ensure you select the most appropriate coffee machine for your business. 


Investing in the right coffee machine for your café is critical when considering the longevity of the machine, the demand of your business, and the amount of ROI you will generate. When carefully chosen, commercial coffee machines can provide fantastic benefits for the café space.  

If you are considering upgrading your current commercial coffee machine in the café space, or looking to invest into a newer model, you will find that we provide an expert range of commercial coffee machines for a variety of business demands. To start your commercial coffee machine journey, simply contact us via email, or call us on 0800 980 6009, we will be happy to help. 

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