4 Coffee Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

Café culture is back

The careful easing of restrictions brings a sense of normality with coffee shops reawakening at the heart of the community. Many establishments are reinventing themselves post-pandemic, as they look towards the future and plan for the revival of the industry.

Snap chilling

Snap chilling is slowly replacing cold brew, and it has to be said that’s no real surprise, especially because snap chilled coffee takes a less time to create than cold brew formats and it has lots more flavour too. Not only that it’s also a much better alternative to iced coffee, mainly because you don’t need to mess about with ice cubes, which just dilutes your coffee even more.


The pandemic has meant we're all more aware of the fragility of the planet and the part we play in its condition.  Many brands have now declared they will make impactful changes to the way they run.  Expect to see more environmental pledges and more sustainable coffee production through practices such as better crop-management and water use practices.

Coffee tourism is gaining popularity 

Coffee connoisseurs seek authentic experiences in unique settings around the world, along with educational coffee insights centred around unique coffee shops or suppliers. Coffee Planet, a coffee chain in the Middle East, has unveiled The Coffee Planet Experience, which will open at the global attraction in Dubai. 


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