Claris 500 Water Softener Cartridge

For use with Coffee Machines, Ice Makers, Vending Machines. We recommend replacing every six months. Combines lime scale protection and corrosion inhibition. Significantly improves water quality. 5 Micron Carbon Membrane for effective particle protection. The most accurate bypass ration technology using the DuoBlend Valve. Can be bracket or free mounted, vertically or horizontally. Maintains pH range according to EU drinking water regulations. Dimensions:
  • Height (filter system): 475 mm
  • Height (filter cartridge): 425 mm
  • Diameter of cartridge: 95 mm
  • Minimum distance from ground: 40 mm
Lower pressure loss/higher output - can operate at lower feed water pressures.
£83.33 Excl. VAT
£100 Incl. VAT


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