What Is The Best Economical Espresso Machine For My Store?

The Visacrem Vetro espresso machine delivers the perfect blend of functionality and style, making it our best value machine to date.

The Vetro’s control panel is made from SCHOTT® tempered glass. The glass is created using an innovative process which removes the mirror coating from the glass with precision, to create a 3-D effect.

This machine is equipped with and ‘Easy Latte’ system for easy milk steaming.  This allows the barista to quickly tun the tap to full power, reducing the risk of RSI.

The coffee machine is housed in stainless steel with painted side panels, not plastic, giving it a professional look and durability.


Visacrem Vetro Espresso Machine

The Vetro features backlit buttons and touch-sensitive keypads which, together with the lit work area make life easy for the Barista.

Visacrem Vetro Espresso Machine

To find out more about options for the Visacrem Vetro Commercial Espresso Machine follow this link

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