Tips and Tricks

Halloween Tips and Tricks

Here’s our top tips for a scarily good Halloween:

Spice Up Your Menu

October is the month when everyone likes pumpkins, spice, and everything nice. So, why not add some seasonal menu items for your customers to rave about? Below is a drink idea taken from our autumn recipe cards.

Decorate Your Cafe

Every café can decorate for Halloween. If you're family-friendly go all out! Streamers, witches, and tableside decorations will be perfect and pumpkin lanterns at night-time can catch the eyes of those passing by. Even if you're not aiming for the younger crowd, you can still dabble in some autumn-themed decor. For example, small pumpkins and autumn leaves are inexpensive, but classy.

Offer Promotions

What's the best part about Halloween? Getting free sweets, of course! So, keeping with that idea, offer some specials, deals, and freebies for your guests. You could also offer discounts when customers come in on Halloween wearing a costume.

Share on Social Media

Make sure you put your plans and Halloween deals on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. Use a promo code like “Pumpkin”, “Trick or treat,” etc. for free drinks/food/etc on social media to invite more customers to your cafe. You can also create your own hashtag, post pictures of your new seasonal dishes and drinks and make party announcements.