The Big Spring Clean

As part of the big spring clean we’ve put together our top tips for keeping your coffee equipment in perfect condition.

Creating the perfect coffee requires equipment that is spotlessly clean. Taste is affected by stale coffee oils and deposits that build up on filter holders and filter cups.

We recommend the following cleaning programme:


Filters, filter holders, shower screens, undercup gaskets, on both the undercup and discharge basin.


Back-flush each head with detergent and clean the coffee handle and filters.

To prevent scale damage, each machine is fitted with a water softening cartridge which needs to be replaced regularly to ensure continual protection against hard water and scale.

As the level of hard water varies according to your area, please use the guide below as to when it may be necessary to replace the filter:

Soft water area - Once every 6 / 8 months

Hard water area - Once every 4 / 5 months

Very hard water area - Once every 2 / 3 months


Every month check the filters, gaskets and shower screens for damage or wear. Replace where required in line with manufacturers recommendations.

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