Essential Equipment for Starting a Café

Starting a new business is an exciting time, there’s lots to think about and small business owners often find themselves needing to fulfil a number of roles, from accountant to marketing manager.  So for those thinking of starting a new coffee business we thought we’d make things a little easier and put together a list of essential equipment and supplies.


  1. A coffee machine

Ok, so this one is pretty obvious, but perhaps the most important factor here is to make sure you select a machine most suitable for your business.  Check out our post on choosing your perfect machine to help you decide.

Espresso Machine

  1. Coffee

Again, no surprises here, but it’s worth thinking about whether you will serve freshly ground coffee, or use coffee capsules.  Also think about how many blends you will offer and how you will ensure decaf coffee doesn’t get mixed with caffeinated, will you have two grinders for this? Or will you use capsules or pods?

coffee types

  1. A grinder

Once you’ve decided on a machine, if you’ve gone down the traditional espresso machine route you’ll need a grinder.  Some models will pre-dose for you, some are automatic or touch screen.  We can support you with the best grinder to suit your machine and set up.


  1. knockout box or drawer

This is what you’ll use to knock the used coffee grounds out of the coffee machine handle, we recommend using a drawer that can be put underneath your grinder

  1. Crockery

Will you use branded crockery or source your own? Mismatching crockery can give a homely feel to some establishments, but most opt for a set of matching and hard-wearing cups and saucers, which will work best for your business?

cappuccino cup

  1. Takeaway cups

Do you plan on offering takeaway coffee? A biodegradable cup is always the first choice for those with the environment in mind. Also consider whether you will buy double-walled cups, which don’t need a sleeve, as this can save on costs. On the other hand some choose to have branded sleeves as this gives more flexibility for seasonal promotions.

takeaway cups

  1. Syrup starter kit

This little gift set is perfect for experimenting with different syrup flavours before investing.  We recommend starting off conservatively with your drinks menu and adding drinks based on what  sells best.

syrup gift set

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