Easy vegan - how to easily add vegan options to your menu

According to a Vegan Society there are 600,000 vegans in the UK and the top three most-searched questions on the topic in the UK ask what veganism is, about its sustainability and how it affects climate change.

The vegan market has changed fundamentally in the last six or seven years - it's now for everyone.

Social media has brought it to the forefront of customer's minds, and the mainstream. It's not seen any more as a choice for life, but as a choice for one meal, one moment, for one or two days a week.

Luckily there's some easy ways to add vegan drinks to your menu, even frappes.

Sweetbird Vanilla Bean and Caffé Frappé are all approved by The Vegan Society.  So it's easy to add vegan options to your menu by switching out your regular milk for Oat, Coconut, Almond or any of the other vegan alternatives.

Sweetbird Vanilla Frappe

Hazelnut Protein Caffé Frappé

• Ice / oat milk
• 1 scoop Caffé Frappé (ve)
• 1 mini scoop Zuma Protein powder
• 2 pumps sugar-free Hazelnut syrup
• Vegan whipped cream
1. Fill cup with ice, level with the top of
the cup
2. Pour oat milk over ice
3. Pour contents of cup into blender
4. Add frappé, protein and syrup
5. Put the lid on tightly then blend
until smooth
6. Top with vegan whipped cream

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