Coffee Shop Consistency

Inconsistency is a bad thing for cafés. Yes, you need good drinks. Yes, you need cool decor and good marketing. But your products also need to be consistent. Why? Because consistency correlates directly with your bottom line. In such a competitive industry, inconsistency is often enough of a reason for consumers to take their business elsewhere.

So, the question is: How can independent coffee shops create consistency to produce and retain the life-blood of their businesses - regular customers?

Training, training, training - as well as standardised new hire training you should try to make the time for regular refresher training for your team, they should know ‘your’ way of doing things; how drinks are finished, served and seasonal specials


Taste testing - on a regular or semi-regular basis, have your staff make you drinks and see if they taste as they should


Shift patterns - have your more experienced baristas work the same shifts as newbies so they can learn the ways of your coffee shop


Consider capsules - yes, we know they can be a bit of a dirty word in the coffee industry, but if your business has a high staff turnover or you don’t want to invest heavily in training, coffee capsules could be a better option than serving a sub-standard, inconsistent brew

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