Brighter Days Ahead

As we move into spring with summer fast approaching, now is the time to look at your menu and start introducing a selection of cold drinks and fresh flavours as the days get longer and brighter. With Mother’s Day and St Patrick’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to add some great seasonal specials.

Here’s our favourite springtime products, plus some fresh recipes for your menu.

iced tea

Iced Tea Syrups 

These versatile syrups are perfect for creating fresh springtime drinks, just one pump gives enough for a 12oz drink, and the flavours can be mixed to create your own signature drinks! Try pairing them with soda water for a refreshing fizzy drink.

birchall teas

Birchall Fruit Teas

Ever been disappointed by a fruit tea that promises a full fruit flavour but doesn’t deliver? Birchall fruit teas are an explosion of flavour in delicious flavours like red berry and flower and green tea and peach. Try making some iced tea and displaying it on your counter to tempt your customers.



Sweetbird frappes are dairy free and approved by the Vegan society. Simply blend with ice and any milk to create a silky, creamy drink. They offer endless options when blended with syrups, to create seasonal specials.

Here's some  springtime specials to try:

Honeycomb Latte

1. Combine the syrup and double
espresso in a cup
2. Top with steamed milk, stirring
as you pour.


Raspberry and Vanilla Iced Tea

1. Add the syrups to a cup
2. Fill up to ¾ full with water
3. Stir and add ice to fill


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