Allegra Launches Global Coffee Festival

Since 2008 Allegra Events have been running coffee festivals around the world. Sadly this year the festivals have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and in response Allegra have taken the festivals online, launching The Global Coffee Festival - an Allegra Events production designed to unite, celebrate, share knowledge and strengthen bonds within the global coffee and hospitality community.

The Global Coffee Festival will see more than 30 events and international showcases available to stream on 30 October 2020 from 12pm GMT. Featuring 12 hours of non-stop virtual coffee content from around the world, The Global Coffee Festival will showcase and promote excellence in the coffee industry as we begin to look forward with optimism and reshape our economy. The event programme includes:

  • COFFEE CITIES Café and hospitality scene insider tours of the most exciting coffee cities on earth
  • THE REVIEW Latest kit, tech and innovative products showcased and independently reviewed
  • COFFEE BUSINESS Industry interviews, debate and future-minded talks with some of the most regarded coffee thought leaders, entrepreneurs and trailblazers worldwide
  • THE LAB Global expert-led advanced coffee learning, skills & sensory training for baristas, roasters and connoisseurs
  • HOME RITUALS Baseline techniques and next-level tutorials for brewing awesome coffee at home
  • COFFEE MIXOLOGY Creative coffee cocktail demos and workshops •
  • SHOWTIME Freestyle sessions, throwdowns, banter and party vibes
  • BEYOND COFFEE Celebrating gastronomy, music, art and other coffee movement subcultures

The Global Coffee Festival will be live streamed via the The London Media Hub, a fully-fledged TV studio, which will be the main host of the event, the festival will be amplified across video streaming platforms, to encourage organic sharing and re-streaming.

To find out more about the festival follow this link:

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