Adding Value

You might be just starting out in the café bar industry, or perhaps you’re an old hand who’s seen and done it all, either way you can never afford to be complacent about your coffee business. Even if your business is thriving, it will always need the occasional tweak here and there.

For those without a degree in marketing jargon, value-added means extra features that the customer doesn’t expect, but with little to no extra cost. For example, in a down-to-earth café this could mean free books, board games and treats for dogs.

Another way of adding value is to offer something different on your menu, after all, giving your customers a surprise ‘wow factor’ makes them more likely to talk about you (by this of course we mean tweet and Instagram you).

An example of this is the recent ‘freak shake’ trend, seeing cafes serving freakishly over the top milkshakes (quite literally in some cases) with cakes, doughnuts and pretty much anything you can fit in the glass shoved on top.

Although they don’t exactly qualify as one of your 5 a day, they make an interesting pic for social media, and the businesses serving them are getting free marketing from the best advocates of all, their customers.

The more innovative you get with your value-added drinks, the more you’ll distinguish your cafe from competitors. We love products that allow our customers to experiment and innovate, here’s some ideas to get you started:


Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha tea powder can be an expensive ingredient, this Matcha powder by Cosy Tea is culinary grade, meaning it still has all the health benefits and taste but without the hefty price tag. This makes it perfect for commercial use and it can be included in baking, hot drinks, cold drinks, and even ice cream. One of our favourite uses for it is to add it to a mint iced tea; to add some value why not add some fruit pieces and display it in a drinks dispenser on your counter?


Iced Tea Syrups

These versatile syrups allow you to experiment with flavours without the hassle of making the iced tea from scratch. All you need to do is add still or sparkling water to a few shots of the syrup, add ice and a slice and you’re done! A popular way of serving them is in jam jars, or we’ve even seen them served in tea pots, your imagination’s the limit.


Vegetable Smoothies

The current trend for ‘functional drinks’ (drinks that have added health benefits) means healthy drink sales are increasing. Many cafes simply don’t have the time to create them from scratch so Sweetbird have designed a smoothie base which contains 100% fruit and vegetables. Use this base to make your own drinks and you’ll have the healthy Insta-crowd sharing your creations in no time.


Reybar Spanish Chocolate

We import this chocolate directly from Barcelona, so it’s the real deal. It can be made into a hot chocolate or dipping sauce depending on how much milk you add. The real innovation here comes with what you serve along-side to dip into the chocolate. The chocolate is available in an array of flavours, so you can experiment with pairings; we’ve seen everything from fruit kebabs to biscotti, or of course you could stick to the traditional churros.