Monin Pink Grapefruit Syrup 70cl


The flesh of the grapefruit varies in hue from white to soft pink to ruby red with the flavour varying relatively to the colour and variety from acidic and sour to sweet and tart.

The balanced sweet sour flavour of pink grapefruit works well in both savoury and sweet salads, combined with ingredients such as coriander, chilli, other citrus fruit, shellfish, and salad leaves. It also makes refreshing mousses, sorbets and jellies.

Monin Pink Grapefruit syrup will allow you to create summer cocktails and coolers, fruit punches, teas and many more. As soon as you'll taste it, you will simply love it, and recipes will come through. Citrus fruits really enhance the juicy taste of Monin Pink Grapefruit syrup.

Sold in a 70cl bottle.


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