Unlike many coffee companies, we have our own specialist engineers. That means we can guarantee a professional service and, most importantly, install or fix your machine in just one visit. And if it’s urgent, we’ll even be there the next working day.

Specialist Espresso Machine Engineers

Dedicated Engineers Who Arrive Prepared

What’s more, our vans are kitted out with all the spare parts your coffee machine may need – so we can sort things out on the spot.

On Site Barista Training

On-site Barista Training

Once we’ve installed your machine, we’ll train up your team so they know exactly how to use it. We’ll teach them everything from how our coffee beans are grown, roasted and ground – to techniques like milk frothing and how to create the perfect espresso.

Maintenance Contract

Our maintenance contract is just £45 (ex. VAT) a month and includes:


Annual Service

This is required by law as coffee machines are a pressurised vessel (see Pressure Systems Regulations 2000).

Water softener change

Water Softener Replacement

This removes limescale. We use water softeners for specific use on pressurised coffee machines. Excessive limescale voids the machine warranty and can cause the machine to fail a safety test if present.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover

This covers the call out fee, engineer time on site and parts used.

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